My recent online talk about PhD work

Chinese Genomics online Meet-up is a self-organized groups by several young Chinese researchers, mainly by PhD students, postdocs and assistant professors, to discuss about plant genomics, evolution, statistics, bioformatics, genetics et al.

Every two weeks we have a online meet-up. Recently I was giving a research talk The cause and consequence of alternative splicing in maize and across species about first two chapters in my PhD dissertation. The first part of the talk is mainly about a recent published maize alternative splicing work A Comprehensive Analysis of Alternative Splicing in Paleopolyploid Maize has been published in Frontiers in Plant Science.

The second part of the talk is about to identify the evolutionary conserved alternative splicing events under functional constriants across monocots, mainly focusing on five grass species: maize, sorghum, rice, foxtail millet and Brachypodium. Part of the alternative splicing variants are probably netrual, besides classic genetic mutant study, our study provide a way to identified protential functional important alternative splicing events. The second part of talk is currently under review, and we provide a bioaxiv version for the manuscript.

Here is the youtube link for the talk.