Functional Space Hypothesis - different adapation pattern between small and large genomes

This project we proposed the functional space hypothesis and we argue that big genomes adaptive differently compared to small genomes. Large genome utilize more beneficial mutation from regulatory sequence far away from genes, implications for soft sweeps, standing variation et al.

Alternative Splicing in Maize

This project depicts the complexity alternative splicing landscape in maize. We surveyed the alternative splicing catelogs in different tissues, between genotypes and during seed development, in addition, we mapped the cis- and trans- splicing QTL and examined the fate of alternative splicing after whole genome duplication compared to sorghum.

Identify functional constraint alternative splicing across species

This project focuses on identified functional constraint alternative splicing across grass genomes. This work is recently published as Cover story in GENETICS. The cover is Amborella used as outgroup in the analysis.

Population genetics of structural variation in maize and teosinte

This project focuses on population genetics of structural variation (inversion and copy number variation) in maize and teosinte.


(in revision)

(in revision)

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